Bring Your Wiring Up To Date

Count on us for electrical rewiring services in Marysville & Arlington, WA

If you own an older property, your wiring could be outdated. Old wiring can cause appliance malfunctions or even fires. Turn to Energy Flow Electric, Inc. for electrical rewiring services in Marysville or Arlington, WA. You can trust us to minimize wall damage when we're accessing your wires. We always use high-quality copper wiring to ensure that you have reliable new wires.

Contact us today if you need an electrical wiring replacement.

Energy Flow Electric, Inc.
Energy Flow Electric, Inc.

Replace faulty wiring

If you notice any signs of faulty wiring, you should get an electrical wiring replacement ASAP. Reach out to us if:

  • You notice flickering lights
  • Your outlets are warm
  • You keep tripping your circuit breaker
  • Old wiring is exposed
  • You see discoloration on cords

Our team will work efficiently to install safe new wires. Call us today at 425-737-4221 to learn more about our electrical rewiring services.